Thursday, April 8, 2010

Patience Please

My sister used to work at Sears when she was in High School and worked in the stock rooms managing the inventory. Whenever she had to enter information into the computer, a dialogue box would pop up saying, "Patience Please". She hated this dialogue box and it became the running joke around the house that waiting was definitely not a virtue of hers.

I've never been a very patient person either, so I completely understood her frustration (while snickering because if you can't laugh at your sister's frustrations who can you laugh at, right?). I was better at hiding my impatience but inside, waiting for Santa Claus to arrive or my birthday party to begin would drive me batty!

I suppose as I've gotten older, I've learned to appreciate the anticipation of a good thing. Waiting for approval letters from pubs has to be one of the most frustrating times for anyone. For new authors, doubly so. You've birthed this amazing manuscript... sweat, blood and tears shed... and then presented it to the world for public scrutiny. You've sent it to agents, publishers, friends, neighbors, anyone who can validate your work by telling you how wonderful it is and then... and then you wait. They have to read it, of course and that takes time. Finally, the approval letters arrive (after several rejections because what would life be without a little disappointment, right?) and you're on cloud nine million!

Then the waiting continues!

Now, it's time to negotiate contracts. Wait for responses from agents and editors on revisions, advance and royalties information and, if you're one author... a change in penname! Being a published author is really... a waiting game. But you're not alone in that waiting room when you have an agent with you. We're sitting there, tapping our fingers and bouncing our knees waiting to be called back into the room with you... we're just a little better about hiding our impatience. ;)