Wednesday, May 26, 2010

BOOK REVIEW: The Demon's Lexicon

The Demon's Lexicon The Demon's Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
I'm completely enamored with Sarah Rees Brennan's Nick. I loved this book so much that words fail me. At least... words that would give away too much of this amazing story away. You just have to go and read it.

Summary: Nick and his brother, Alan, have spent their lives on the run from magic. Their father was murdered, and their mother was driven mad by magicians and the demons who give them power. The magicians are hunting the Ryves family for a charm that Nick's mother stole -- a charm that keeps her alive -- and they want it badly enough to kill again.

Danger draws even closer when a brother and sister come to the Ryves family for help. The boy wears a demon's mark, a sign of death that almost nothing can erase...and when Alan also gets marked by a demon, Nick is des-perate to save him. The only way to do that is to kill one of the magicians they have been hiding from for so long.

Ensnared in a deadly game of cat and mouse, Nick starts to suspect that his brother is telling him lie after lie about their past. As the magicians' Circle closes in on their family, Nick uncovers the secret that could destroy them all.

This is the Demon's Lexicon. Turn the page.

What I liked about this book: Hmm... let's see, it's got brothers who hunt demons... AWESOME! It's got a brother (Nick) who's just not bothered by the slaying of the demons that marked his brother for death. Hmm... what's not to like about THAT? Oh and let's not forget the feisty girl with the pink hair whose gay brother is also marked for death and just knows how to lighten the mood and bring a little humanness to the demonic ride of magic, illusions, large swords and gun-wielding kick-ass big brothers.

Seriously. Go buy it right now and be sure to pick up her sequel The Demon's Covenant: The Demon's Lexicon Trilogy #2.

What are you still doing here? Go get this book! Like NOW!

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