Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's a digital world

If you can make it here... you can make it anywhere!

We have so many opportunities today to make a name for ourselves that the world is literally becoming smaller and smaller. With the advent of YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and social networking within the Blogosphere, we have created overnight sensations like Susan Boyle, Lin Yu Chun and now Greyson Chance. Through the digital medium we can get Betty White on SNL, be the first to hear about Icelandic volcanoes erupting and have "conversations" with celebrities who are suddenly approachable.

The digital market has also made it possible for authors to expand their horizons... to look at opportunities to share their works with a demographic that was probably completely out of their reach in the past. Today, we have more men reading novels and kids turning to their handhelds for books than ever before. The digital explosion is happening right before our eyes and it's pretty awesome to be a part of it.

One of the questions I get repeatedly is "but when will my book be available in print?"

My answer is... I'm an ePub Agent, I sell to ePub first and believe me... if you're as good as I believe you are, you'll not only sell well in ePub, you'll also sell well in print. It takes time but it's truly worth it!