Monday, September 5, 2011

The Weekend Update

Talk about having a day full of anything and everything.

I've had to get on the kids and husband about cleaning and keeping up with their chores. This weekend, I made sure to lead by example. This weekend, I washed 10 loads of laundry, cleared out mine and hubby's closets and dresser, cleaned my bathroom, kitchen and made dinner three nights. I didn't get any of the reading I wanted to get done but still managed to submit 2 manuscripts and talk 2 authors down. Did I mention my sister also came over for dinner? Yeah, lots done! Was awesome!

Today, I slept in for a bit and decided to just manage email for the agency but devote rest of the day to really relaxing. Unfortunately, my kids and my knee thought otherwise. The kids woke coughing and sneezing and i had mild body aches--summer cold. Nooooo! Gave everyone some cough meds and sat down to work with my coffee and bowl of cereal. Around noon, Hubby woke and went to the store to pick up some sandwich stuff. As I went to stand up from the table after lunch, I turned one way while my knee turned the other. I haven't twisted my knee like this in a year so the pain felt stronger than I remember it.

A few hours later, as hubby left for work, daughter went to close the garage door and the door fell on her hands. She came in crying out in that silent scream babies do when they're really hurt and the pain chokes the sound out of their scream. I thought she'd broken her hands. Quick trip to Centra Care found she just had contusions in 2 of the fingers on her left hand which a splint helped. She's excused from physical activity until Friday but she's upset because this week is the try-out for the ROTC drill team and she may not be able to twirl the rifle correctly with her left hand.

So... That's the highlights of my weekend. Back to work tomorrow so I suppose I should get to bed.