Friday, August 3, 2012

Blog Challenge #7: New Office

Cartoon by Andrew Fowler (@gumshoo)
Usually, on the first day of a new job you get to meet the HR manager who takes you on a tour of the building you'll be working in, introduces you to your immediate supervisor and welcomes you aboard with a stack of papers to fill out. Carrying your little box of personal effects to your new cubicle with your supervisor in tow, you are likely introduced to a few coworkers on the way and left to settle in before someone from IT calls to help you get your computer access and voice mail information. You're given a few minutes to store your personal belongings away before your supervisor knocks on the cubicle wall, tells you of a meeting you're both late for and walks with you to the conference room telling you a little about what to expect and apologizing for not being ready for you. At least, this has been my typical first day at new jobs in the past but it's been 10 years since I've started a new job and even longer since I've had to do so outside of a virtual environment.

Picture by Alan Levine
This week was my first week at Corvisiero Literary Agency and while it would have been interesting to walk into a new building and greet the staff with Marisa in tow, sitting in a Google Hangout with the lovely ladies of the staff was much more fun! We really have an incredible staff of interns, agent apprentices and junior agents I'm very excited to be working with.

Another very different aspect of a first week when you work in a completely virtual environment is the need to ensure your files are well organized to help you access information on the fly while in the middle of a virtual conference or simply while getting acclimated to a new work environment. Our staff is pretty awesome in this regard too. I have spreadsheets for everything and seeing that the staff already had similar ones made this first week that much easier for me!

I still have a ton of work to do to get caught up on the week but this transition has been so smooth and invigorating, I'm like a kid in a candy store... or me in a bookstore. Giddy as all get-out!