Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Announcement: Welcome Juliann Rich to the Corvisiero Literary Agency

Reading Juliann Rich's CAUGHT IN THE CROSSFIRE manuscript took me back to those awkward teenage years at Bible camp where you really come into your own and start to understand more about yourself and your religious beliefs than ever before. I felt such a connection to her characters that I was eager to offer representation but wanted to get a feel for the author first. Would we click? Would she be open to revision and career planning? Does she have other books planned or started? After the first 10 minutes of our phone conversation I knew she would be an asset to the agency's stable of authors and I was sure I had to be the one to get her Gay YA manuscript out to the world. Looking forward to working with Juliann. Welcome to the Corvisiero Literary Agency, Juliann!

Photo courtesy: Juliann Rich

If you ask Juliann Rich about her childhood in Minnesota, she is quick to tell you that she grew up as close to Heaven on Earth as possible! After all, with a candy store three houses away and a library right across the street, what more could any child want? If you ask Juliann’s mother about her childhood she will share a tidbit or two: Juliann was a wanderer, prone to disappearing; however, she could always be found in the children’s section of the library ~ nose deep in a good book and quite often a bag of goodies! 

Juliann pursued her love of the story in college, both in her studies of English Literature and Creative Writing. She is a voracious reader drawn to stories that break her open to new ways of looking at the “truths” that are so often taken for granted. It is not surprising this passion has found its way into Juliann’s writing. 
As the mother of a grown son who is out and proud and as the daughter of evangelical Christian parents, Juliann has found herself smack dab in the middle of one of the most controversial topics to challenge our society and our churches today. 

Her debut novel, Caught in the Crossfire, follows the lives of two boys who meet and fall in love at a Bible Camp . . . and find themselves questioning every truth they’ve ever believed. 

Juliann lives in Southern Minnesota with her husband, and two adorable but incredibly naughty dachshunds. She enjoys hiking and canoeing the many lakes in the beautiful Minnesota River Valley, though she always feels the tug of the North Shore where Lake Superior holds her heart.