Friday, October 17, 2014

New Assistant: Caitlin Spivey

Did not ever think that I would get such a huge response to my Help Wanted post but you guys surprised me, yet again!
Among the amazing resumes I received within the first 24 hours of that post was one from Caitlin Spivey whose cover letter was witty and personal. Her resume was even better!

While reading her resume and putting together a list of the candidates I wanted to speak with, I realized I approached the hiring of this intern the same way I approach my potential clients. It's not just about the query or the book. There needs to be a connection between us if a working relationships is going to work.
We share similar outside interests which is crucial to working with me as I tend to geek out over various things while working (multi-tasking brain) and it helps to have someone who can decipher my movie quotes and random Doctor Who and Harry Potter references for every day things without batting an eye.

But her editorial experience is what really won me over. I knew I need someone who could help me tame the inordinately large pile of manuscripts I need to review for clients and potential clients with a critical eye toward marketability as well as content. That's not always easy to find but it looks like, in Cait, I have.
So, please welcome Caitlin Spivey to the Corvisiero Literary Agency and keep an eye out for new opportunities within the agency.