Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What do you do all day?

So much going that I've barely had a chance to breathe, add to it a pesky cold threatening to take over the little oxygen I have left and an A/C unit that chooses the few 80-degree days we have left in Orlando to freeze up on me and you've got the makings of a typical "Life in the Day" of this ePub Agent!

What do you do all day?  Working a full-time job as well being a wife and mother usually takes up most of my time. Why would I add more stress and heartache to an already packed daily schedule by doing agent work? Because there's no greater feeling than seeing an acceptance and contract offer in my email for one of my clients or getting a cover mock-up for a manuscript I've spent six months trying to sell... or receiving a royalty statement for a book I fell in love with BEFORE the editor made it even better and seeing how great the sales are for that author. The past two weeks have been full of these experiences. It's been exhausting though and even as I type this very short blog post, I wonder how I'm going to get through the week with the limited sleep I've scheduled. Yes, I've had to schedule my sleep otherwise, I don't get any, shaddup. No rest for the wicked so the rest of the week will be jam-packed full of wonderfulness as I continue to negotiate several contracts, attend the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I midnight premiere, a baby shower in Jacksonville, an anniversary party in Tampa and edit two manuscripts. Guess I should get my butt to bed!