Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Cult of ePub

If you've ever owned a Mac you've been part of the Cult of Mac. This group of Mac-savvy owners are always ready to help others learn about everything Mac and while there can be a few fanatics in the group (stop staring at me, I know, I'm a Mac geek) many are just quiet supporters of the system touted for ease-of-use and virus-free software. But it appears that whenever two or three Mac fanatics are gathered in Apple solidarity, new converts are created.

While helping my sister choose and purchase her iPad this weekend, I was reminded several times that I should be working at the store I consider my personal Mecca both by my family and the staff working at the store! More than once, I heard things like "You should work here!" and "Why aren't you working for Apple again?" while showing things to my sister at the Apple store. But the truth is when you love doing something, it doesn't feel like work and it is reflected in your attitude and everything you do.

No, I'm not leaving my job to sell Macs but the experience made me think about how similar it is with folks who buy digital readers. Suddenly, they're talking to you about why their device is the best and how great it is to be able to read their favorite books anywhere. Those of us who own several devices may even tell you why we use one device or another for certain tasks (editing vs reading, for example). You may even hear other say things like "You should sell these!" and "Are you sure you don't work for [insert name of device manufacturer here]?" You're suddenly part of a brethren whose fanaticism could be considered cult-like.

You can then consider yourself a member of the Cult of ePub! ;)

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- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad