Saturday, October 27, 2012

Blog Challenge #13: Why Gay Romance?

My kids during gender-swap day at school
I'm an advocate of love. A champion for its cause. A passionate believer in the happily ever after. Gender has never played a factor in how I perceive love and if my children are anything to go by, they feel the same way. Love is love.

If you've followed my blog or read through the posts (welcome new readers) you've undoubtedly noticed that I represent a lot of GLBTQ romance. These "Gay Romance" authors have works in various subgenres, featuring a myriad of gender-pairings but at the core of each of their books is love. It's all about the love!

When I'm passionate about something, everyone knows about it. Ask any of my clients and they'll tell you how passionate I can be when discussing any of their works, their careers, my family, coffee, the publishing industry and Harry Potter. Get me talking about any of these topics and you'll not hear an intake of breath for several minutes. But I don't just talk about my causes, I champion them and each of my clients is a cause I fervently fight for on a daily basis. I advocate their work, I champion their successes and I'm passionate when I pitch their work to publishers and the media.

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One of the causes I advocate the most is the mainstreaming of "Gay Romance". Why? Because it's not a subgenre to be shelved in the Gay/Lesbian section of your bookstore. It's a love story between two (or more people) just like all of the other romance books shelved in the romance category. It's not shameful or perverted to see two men embrace passionately on a romance cover. It's not ugly to see a transgendered model on the cover of a romance novel. Our love stories are not, and should not, be categorized by our gender or that of our partner's any more than the color of our skin is.

I champion the love because if we were more tolerant about love and less complacent about hate, perhaps the current political landscape (in the US) could be better. The topics that would matter in this election would not be based on gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity and race. It's all about the love, man!

It's about love. It's why I'm passionate about it. Why I advocate for it. Why I champion it and why I thirst for more of it.