Tuesday, October 13, 2015

ATTENTION: Change in Submission Guidelines

In order to keep up with the volume of queries I'm receiving and spare my computer the hundreds of attachments I'm downloading every day, I've decided to stop accepting attachments in my queries. Most of my colleagues, if not all of them, have their queries include the synopsis and sample pages pasted in the body of the email to avoid downloading viruses to their computers. As an avid Mac user, I've never really worried about viruses so I was fine with attachments. But I've noticed that having attachments limits my time and ability to access queries when I want to get through them quickly.

I've started using my iPhone and iPad more and more for agency work and realized that it's just easier to scroll down and read the full work while I'm waiting for the kid to get out of band practice, or in line at Starbucks waiting for my Venti Soy Iced Vanilla Chai than it is to wait for the attachments to download to my phone (if I have room, curse you beloved iTunes Music). Yes, I check my queries while standing in line, sometimes while waiting for the previews to begin at the movie theater!

I want to be able to respond to queries faster so I've decided to do away with attachments and have changed my submission guidelines to reflect the change.

Paste it all in now!
Please continue to keep your synopsis to 2 pages and only include the first 5 pages of your manuscript pasted immediately following the synopsis in the body of the email.