Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Announcement: Starting April 15th, I will be open to queries again

That's right! I am finally re-opening my query inbox! I can't tell you how excited this makes me!

On Saturday, April 15, 2017, my query inbox will be open for business!

Cannot wait to read all of your wonderful works and find more gems to sign.

My submission guidelines remain the same but I will be focusing primarily on romance both in the young adult and adult markets with a focus on representing and advocating for #OwnVoices authors. I will also continue to acquire strong, feminist erotica and erotic romance in the adult market. If your work does not pass the Bechdel Test (at the very least) it's not going to be something I'm interested in representing.

In the Erotica & Romance market, I’m particularly interested in contemporary romance stories featuring persons of color, cowboys/vaqueros, intercultural relationships, small-town contemporary romances and historical romance set in 19th century America and the Caribbean. Would also love to see a historical romance set in 1920s through 1940s or during the 1980s in the South, specifically. Am also looking for hard science fiction romance (space opera, interplanetary adventure with a romance story at its core) and erotica featuring accurate depictions of the BDSM lifestyle and kink communities.

In the GLBTQ market, I am always looking for more erotic romance and sweet romance stories featuring characters who identify as queer. I’m also actively seeking #OwnVoices young adult and new adult GLBTQ romance titles regardless of a romantic element. (But love a good love story so if it happens to also be a romance, even better!) Would love a sports romance featuring GLBTQ characters in non-traditional sports: lacrosse, extreme sports, martial arts, rodeo, etc.